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StudioSol is Your Healthy Place

Looking for a non-intimidating atmosphere to work out among friends? StudioSol and Dani Bahnsen provide a clean and comfortable private training studio equipped with resources to help you get fit and build your functional strength.

  • Equipment – free weights, kettle balls, Stroop® bands, rowing machines, treadmills, ultra slide, TRX® suspension training, foam rollers, and more
  • Comfort – towels, water, personal cubbies
  • Reassuring Atmosphere – Not a big box gym. Small group clientele setting of individuals with common fitness goals

What is Functional Strength?

We hear a lot about getting fit, getting tone and strengthening our core. But what does that really mean? The reality is, most of us are simply trying to feel better, improve our health and get through daily life; maybe even increase our movement and range of motion.

Successfully building our Functional Strength means we can climb several flights of stairs without getting winded. It means being able to lift boxes and common household items safely. Being functionally strong means being able to play with our children – running, jumping, even skipping! Doesn’t that sound like a good and attainable goal for your overall health?

Sadly, life today for many of us is not very physically demanding. Office jobs exercise our brains but not our bodies. We sit for far too long at desks. It’s bad for our bodies not to move. In fact, if your employer offers a corporate wellness program, please look into it. If they do not, maybe I can help.

StudioSol and Dani’s menu of personal training programs offers a reassuring and supportive environment to increase your range of movement and Functional Strength, safely.

StudioSol is not a gym

There is no membership fee. StudioSol is a private training oasis offering:

  1. Personal Training
  2. Natural Running Coach Sessions
  3. Nutritional Counseling

Personal Training

Dani Bahnsen has been a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer since 2010. Meet Dani. She works closely with her clients to create personalized fitness programs based on current fitness levels and overall health and wellness goals. Whether you are looking for one-on-one personal training or small, supportive group classes, Dani can help.

Dani incorporates cardio, toning, flexibility and nutritional wellness, including Ayurveda into her personalized programs. Her goal is to help you increase your overall health and functional strength for better daily living. Resources available, include:

  • Strength and Conditioning – kettle balls, free weights, TRX® suspension training, Stroops® resistance bands
  • Flexibility – foam rolling, yoga, Pilates
  • Cardio – trampoline, ultraslide, treadmills, water-resistance rowing, natural running on local trails

StudioSol also provides other local trainers with a safe place to offer their specific fitness services. Currently StudioSol is home to:

Natural Running

Are you easily discouraged from aches, pains and other injuries while running? Do you want to run, but feel you are incapable? Is running just, “too hard?” Maybe you’ve thought of running a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon, but just didn’t know where to start.

You can run! Learning how to run “naturally,” the way your body is meant to run, is critical for your health and well being.

Personal trainer, Dani Bahnsen is a running coach. She provides you with coaching methods, tools and guidance that will give you the ability to run pain free, strong, efficient and healthy throughout your lifetime. With the Calleguas Creek running trail right around the corner from our studio, she teaches you proper running form and training techniques for short and long runs.

Whether it’s your first step or your 100th mile, Dani will help increase your confidence, inspire your prospective and improve you overall health and fitness.

Join StudioSol’s Personalized Running Clinic

Choose to meet with our small running groups or elect to have a one-on-one session with running coach Dani Bahnsen. It’s your choice. Either way, StudioSol’s run clinics start with an hour long coaching session where Dani teaches you the overall theory of “Natural Running.” You will receive:

  • Technique Instruction
    • Proper Stretching – pre and post run, dynamic and static stretching techniques
    • Correct body form
    • Controlled breathing
  • Individual Run Form Analysis
    • A video identifies how you run
    • Begin to address your specific running challenges
    • Correct form
  • Safety
    • Overall running safety
    • Injury prevention
  • Training and Races
    • Setting goals
    • Making plans and strategies
    • Fueling your body during training and on race day
    • Personalized training plans

After you attend the 60-minute starter session, sign-up for our 30-minute follow-up clinics to ensure you are running properly and safely. These 30-minute run clinics are the perfect way to keep you motivated. Sign-up at least monthly and more frequently to be part of a supportive group who will help keep your goals in sight.

Check our calendar for both the 60-minute starter and 30-minute follow-up run clinics and sign-up today. Or contact Dani directly if you prefer a one-on-one starter session.

Nutritional Counseling

To be healthy – really healthy – it’s important to understand what you are eating and how it can help or hurt your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase your energy, or prepare for a race, our nutritional classes can help.

At StudioSol, we will soon be offering nutritional counseling in the form of regular classes on topics that will include:

  • Healthy Snacking – It is possible!
  • Feed Your Body All Day – this is a must for high energy and good metabolism
  • Food as Fuel
  • Healthy Carbs – especially when preparing for a race
  • Whole Food Menu Planning
  • An Introduction to Ayurveda Living

Keep an eye on our calendar and sign-up for our free SolHealthy News, so you don’t miss out on upcoming classes.

If you have an idea for a nutritional class, please contact Dani.

I have been working with Dani for about a month now and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. She is able to offer me everything I need from running coaching to strength training (with awesome stick figures programs to do at home!) to nutritional guidance.

‐ Sam A.

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